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When you Dream Beyond your own Closet

June 18, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Either you have already decided your ready for the photo shoot of your dreams or you have just started dreaming about it. Either way many times women find the images they have in their head of how they would love to look very rarely match the wardrobe in their closet. 

As part of my process I always go through inspiration images with clients to figure out what their vision is for their session. Many times we can't put into words what we want. However, when we see it we recognize what it is and also what it is not. The second thing I do is walk through my clients closets to match wardrobe with the vision. Now sometimes the vision and the closet are a perfect fit. However, if your dream is for a glamour session like never before than you might need a dress that you've never needed before. So... do you go shopping? You could but if the dress your looking for is really EXTRA than how often are you really going to wear it? Even if you like to go to a lot of events you probably will want a different dress. 

Last fall I had a friend of mine do a special photo shoot for my husband and myself. It had always been my goal to have nice portraits taken of the two of us before our 10th wedding anniversary. Something I could hang in our bedroom and keep forever. So I scheduled the shoot with my friend, I scheduled my hair appointment, and I scheduled my makeup artist to come over before the session. I rented my husband a tux and then for the first time ever... I rented a dress. I chose to rent a dress because I wanted something special that I didn't already have and I didn't want it hanging in the closet collecting dust after the shoot. 

I am sure there is more than one website you can use but I used Rent the Runway. Also, they have an app you can download that makes browsing extremely easy. 


  Rent the Runway AppScreenshot


You can sort your search based on how formal you want which I find helpful. Also based on occasion, length and price range. I decided on a long black sequin dress.

Badgeley Mischka Dress


What I found helpful is when you put in your height, size and even bust size you can view reviews and pictures from other people who have rented the dress your size. Not all dresses look good on all body types. Some of these dresses look amazing but your thinking "I'm a real person, how will it look on me".  I would not skip this step. Double checking how it looks on other people will help you figure out if it is right for you. Don't worry about the poor quality of the cell phone pictures they uploaded, just how it fits. 

Reviews based on size

The other thing I absolutely loved about Rent the Runway is that they send you TWO DRESSES! How that works is, you select the size that you think you are. Then select another size of the same dress either up or down a size to cover all your bases. That takes care of the dreaded "Oh no, Its a little snug". Also, if you wanted to add a second rental they will give you a discount on additional rentals at the same time. 

The next step accessories! Handbags, Jewelry, Scarves.... Whatever you need to complete your look. Many accessories starting at only $5!



Since the dress I picked out was pretty bling already I didn't add much. However, I did rent a pair of ear rings. So I received my package the day before the photo shoot. I was thrilled with how the dress looked! My friend took our portraits and my husband didn't even complain about taking them! 

My portrait in a Rent the Runway Dress

(photo by Shawna Beck)

After the photo shoot I didn't have to worry about washing the dress. I just put it back into the bag it came in and put it back in the mail. Now this portrait and one other is hanging over my bed. This was my experience renting a dress from Rent The Runway. I would do it again for sure and I recommend this option to anyone Dreaming Beyond their own Closet! 


If you want to try it use code FRIEND3082707 for $30 off your first order