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Achieving the International Dream

April 13, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Since I was young my love of travel and photography have always gone hand in hand. God seems to have given me equal passion for seeing his world and also capturing it. So, it seems very natural to me that as I progressed as a portrait photographer I want to take portraits all over the world. I no loner just want to go somewhere, now I want to capture someone's personality there. 

So a while back being very intentional with my desires,  I placed images representing international photo shoots on my vision board. I enjoy the daily reminder of where I am trying to go. This year Australia was also on my vision board. 

So a few weeks ago I found myself in Sydney, Australia. Surrounded by beautiful beaches. The beaches were all wonderful and all slightly different. Some with pure white sand, some with grainy sand, many with rock pools for families to swim and the most beautiful rocks jetting out from cliffs. It was a time where you just try to take it all in and thank God for letting you see the wonders of his world. 

Also, I went with the intention of photographing my beautiful and pregnant friend. Once I was there it turns out that she had a pregnant friend that also needed maternity portraits. So while I was in Australia I was able to take two separate maternity sessions. Both equally beautiful and both completely different. 

AnticipationMy dear friend among the a beauty of the rocks and the waves. Taking portraits on the rocks and converting them into paintings. I achieved the mood and the drama that I felt was fitting for her pregnancy. I think it helps tell her personal story. Which is one of challenge, hope, beauty, strength and faith.  Hopefully it is something she will cherish forever.



On the other hand her friend just wanted a portrait full of sunshine and happiness. 

That is how we ended up with a series of beautiful blue images for her.  I am so thankful I got to be apart of their stories. And that I was able to create images to immortalize this time in their life for them. 

I feel like a dream has come true that I have been able to do what I love here in my home and around the world. I look forward to what comes next.