Chelsea Williams Photography | Pro head shot vs. good picture

Pro head shot vs. good picture

June 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I recently had a friend come to me in frustration. My friend was simply dumb founded on why someone would send in such a terrible picture of themselves when asked for a head shot.

Now, almost all of us are asked for our head shot at some point right. Either you make top sales and your getting company recognition, the company needs to update the website, you have a speaking gig and need to represent yourself well, you might be publishing an article and need a portrait of yourself. The list goes on and on of what the everyday person needs a head shot for beyond business cards. 

However, I have seen it over and over again where people are taking either selfies or cut out images of themselves and using them for their " head shot". Do these people just not care?! And if they don't care about their image they must not care too much about their business they are representing. That is what everyone thinks when these images are sent in. I find it unlikely that they don't care, I think they just don't know. 

So, I have put together a few images. Some are professional head shots and some are just nice pictures of people from different events. 

Look through these images. Ask yourself, If I could just hire three new people who would it be and why? 

Go further than that, say if I needed someone to do my taxes who would I choose?

If I need someone to be my lawyer who would I choose?

If I needed a whole new wardrobe and was going to spend thousands who would I buy it from?

If I need a new website, a stylish new haircut, if I need a life coach who would I choose? AND WHY?

Don't forget they why part.....

Did you look through these images and choose anyone who had a snapshot? Why or why not? 

Face it, the image you choose to put out in the world of yourself is telling everyone WHO YOU ARE! Not just your face but your brand! 

Who are you telling the world you are?