Chelsea Williams Photography | First Aerial Photo Shoot

First Aerial Photo Shoot

August 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

My neighbor and friend Michael owns his own plane and is always up in the air. A few days back I had the opportunity to go up with him in his Cessna. When you fly commercial you have to get there two hours early and then when you do board the plane you sit on the tarmac for a very long time before the plane starts to move. However, flying with a friend in a Cessna is much different, after a brief explanation of does and don'ts we were quickly off the ground and into the air. We flew high over the trees and headed down towards Galveston coast. Along the way we saw industrial buildings, creeks, bridges, highways so many fascinating things. I asked if I could open the window and as soon as I did the air pressure pinned it up. The wind was strong but I loved it! I just started looking around and taking my shots. As we got down to the coast line the sun was setting and looking out over the horizon was just beautiful. It is obvious why Michael loves to be in the air. As we headed back I asked him to fly over some industrial areas that had a wonderful look with the orange lights that glowed at night. By the time we made it back to the airport I was thrilled with the experience and all of the images I was able to get. I am certain now that I have felt the wind in my face I will be back in the sky again, the only question is where to next. 

Black and White of Bridge Black and White of Bridge