Chelsea Williams Photography | Diner party done right with Zoom Zoom Catering

Diner party done right with Zoom Zoom Catering

February 16, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Last night I had the wonderful opportunity to enjoy a diner party with my friends Sheila Blue and Diahann Wilson who own Zoom Zoom Catering. Not to mention the other fabulous ladies that were there. I was able to capture the fun and memories of the night. I was even able to capture the heat rising off the food. It will make you hungry just looking at it. :) 

The whole idea is instead of going out for diner and dealing with crowds and noise and waiting in lines; you let Zoom Zoom Catering cook for you in your own home for you and your friends. Or even you and your significant other. 

Get this they also do the dishes! What is not to love there!!

Anyway, pictures are worth a thousand words so check out the night we had. 

P.S. Zoom Zoom Catering is located in Spring but will travel to The Woodlands, Conroe, Magnolia... Wherever!


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