Chelsea Williams Photography | Duck, duck goose... more like headshots, headshots, wedding (RUN)!

Duck, duck goose... more like headshots, headshots, wedding (RUN)!

November 11, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

It is November and getting into the busy season for photographers. Whew, I am already working up a sweat. Last week I did 16 head shots, a couple of group shots and a wedding. The first few head shots I did I brought my lights and background to set up but was only given a tiny tiny space to work in. One of those moments where you are thinking there is no way, just no way. Haha but I didn't have a choice but to make it work. Then a few days later I went to a different company to take head shots and they gave me an entire empty room to work in... I think I could hear angels singing Laaaaaaaa. When I can give someone good distance from the background and from the lights it makes everything better. What I enjoyed most about all of my head shots was meeting different people and hearing what they do and where they are from. Some people are really talkative and some people just want to get the pictures done as soon as possible.

Then this past Saturday I shot a wedding. It was really a wonderful day because I have known the couple for ten years. They were not a couple in the begining which makes it even more fun. I always feel close to the bride and groom because I am capturing their special moments but in this case it was even more special! Plus, as an added bonus all our mutual friends from the past 10 years were there. It felt like a little reunion. Times like this I truly love my job because I get to be the person that captures all the moments people will be looking at and remembering for a life time. From the church to the reception, to the after party reception;) There were lots of toasts, tears and laughter. 

Overall, It was a fast paced and exhausting week but wonderful all the same!