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Welcome to my Blog and Thank you for taking time to read it. 

Here I will just be posting about things I've been up to lately and also talk about all the wonderful people I get to work with. 

When you Dream Beyond your own Closet

June 18, 2018
Either you have already decided your ready for the photo shoot of your dreams or you have just started dreaming about it. Either way many times women find the images they...
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Headshot Mini Event coming up in June

May 15, 2018
Only 3 spots left in the upcoming headshot mini event.
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Achieving the International Dream

April 13, 2018
Since I was young my love of travel and photography have always gone hand in hand. God seems to have given me equal passion for seeing his world and also capturing it. So...
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What to wear for your Headshot

March 23, 2018
What to wear for your headshot A professional headshot is an important element in how you communicate your personal brand and market your business to others. A little ou...
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Spring ’18- The Color Story

March 01, 2018
The photography and fashion world have always been inner mingled. However, as a photographer my focus is on creating images and not always creating outfits. That is why I...
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